Software Developer

CodeLingo is an early stage startup building dev tools to help software development teams collaborate on code. Our new product Notebooks, is being trialed by several of the biggest software companies on the globe. This is a super exciting time to get in on the ground floor.

You’ll be working with the support of our lead developer and will have the benefit of Notebooks themselves to help onboard, guide and collaborate with the rest of the dev team.


Development, improvement and maintenance of the CodeLingo platform, including software, databases, cloud infrastructure and APIs, etc.

Software testing, including automated tests and manual testing, as required.

Handling of technical  customer queries and support requests.

Being available for reasonable support of the platform that you and your team develop, as requested/scheduled by management.

Interviewing customers to experience CodeLingo being used first-hand.

Other duties or responsibilities required at the discretion of your manager.

Technical Stack

React, Redux, JSX, Tailwind, TypeScript

Cloud functions

NodeJS (with TypeScript)

DockerGraphQL on top of Apollo server


Redis (pub/sub)

VS Code extensions (using TypeScript)

JetBrains extensions

As we’re our own customer, we use Notebooks on a daily basis and feed our own experiences and insights into the feature planning. CodeLingo is based at Petridish, co-working space in Dunedin. Though we have a flexible office policy and are open to remote positions.

To apply for this position, go to, complete the “getting started” steps and write your cover letter in a Notebook (if you have any open source code, please add it as a snippet to the Notebook). Then email the link to the Notebook along with your CV to