Hey! We’re building people-first apps that help developers work and communicate in-flow
Dev teams can be incredibly inefficient.  Different apps for communication,
for managing bugs, projects and knowledge — all away from the codebase itself.  
Ugh. Devs just wanna develop!
We’re solving this with products that bring people, code and process together, in-flow.
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CodeLingo fills the gaps between the current apps and dev tools used by your organisation. Our products empower your team to communicate effectively and work more easily, in context, in-flow.

Easy Code Sharing

Share links to blocks of code in your repo. Open them in your IDE, VCS Host (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket...) or directly in Slack. It's everything you need to get on the same page, lines, repo and commit, in one simple link.

Integrate your repo, conversations & team

Nutting through a hard problem? Navigating spaghetti code? Need input from other devs on the code? CodeNotes helps you think through the code, keep track of your work, hand over work, unblock others and get unblocked.
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Create the rules that control the fun

Build consistency across your team / codebase by creating enforceable rules from Pull Request comments. Our AI does the heavy-lifting of interpreting the code and applying the rules.

Better process == better teamwork

Shift left

By moving the conversations to the code, your team works together and collaborates sooner in the dev cycle.

Context, and clarity

Get everything in one place, chat and work in the context of the code itself. Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.

Communicate better and stay in-flow

Reduce the mental overheads of context switching, negotiating a complicated codebase, and communicating around code.

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