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CodeLingo is powerful, lightning fast, code notes that integrate with your team from the code editor to the pull request — streamlining collaboration from concept to code. Discuss, suggest, edit, correct and guide your team while you're developing and leave pull requests for what they were intended: a final check.

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Pull Requests are broken

Pull requests catch erroneous thinking and coding too late, making it painful to realign and costly to rework.

We're on a mission to find a better way...

“In our distributed team located in multiple timezones, Notebooks has been a huge time saver and is really helping our team build great software quickly. It's helping our team to easily share ideas and discuss approaches, without the overhead of having to make those changes to our codebase directly. Our team is able to have meaningful discussions about code asynchronously, which has hugely helped us approach problems in the right way. This has helped us to share knowledge, reduce bugs, and reduce rework, both asynchronously, and even when we are working in the same timezone.

Notebooks has been a huge help to our team, and I think that without it, we would have built a worse product, in a much longer timespan.”
Peter Kolaric
Lead Engineer


Snippet links

Share links to code snippets that open directly in  code editors! Add notes to the link to leave a question or give instructions.

Don’t interrupt your teammate’s flow - sync up async!

Code tours

Add multiple snippets to a Notebook with commentary to quickly create guides through the code base. Clicking the snippets will find the code even if it has moved! If you don't have the code locally, it'll check out the repo and branch for you!

Hand over work and onboard new devs with the context of the actual code.

Gutter notes

Turn on the CodeLingo gutter in your editor to highlight any code that's been referenced in a Notebook. Rollover the gutter to open any of those Notebooks.

See your team's realtime thinking around the code, not just the inline comments tied to existing code.

This is just the start...

Notebooks are packed with features that supercharge your team's collaboration and development: code patching, inline mentions, git blame chats, markdown, file references...

Start using Notebooks and unlock your team's potential.

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