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Code always trends towards disarray

Today's good code becomes tomorrow's bad code. Progress and changing circumstances demand ongoing revision.

The best engineers can’t be everywhere

The engineers who know what they’re doing can’t review every line of code and enforce every convention. It doesn’t scale.

Conversations are ephemeral

Talking about problems in Github PRs and in meetings doesn’t change anyone’s behavior or capture institutional knowledge for the new starter.

Docs are where ideas go to die

No one reads the docs. Which is good — because they’re out of date anyway.

Linters suck!

They are noisy, non-specific and produce too many false positives.

CodeLingo has your back

CodeLingo uses simple in-line workflows to document your best practices and enforce them in real-time.

Capture best practices in a living doc

It’s easy to capture your team's specific best practices right in GitHub comments and your favorite IDE that feed a list of rules on our live docs dashboard.

Find old issues

The CodeLingo review tool scans your codebase for violations of any new or changed rule. This helps you validate your rules and clean-up your technical debt.

Safeguard your code

To safeguard your code, CodeLingo GitHub bot auto-scans new PRs and leaves smart comments right in-line with the rest of your team.

Adjust and refine over time

Devs can continue to refine rules as they review PRs. Changes and adjustments are made on-the-fly. You can just reply to the CodeLingo bot right in GitHub.

You're in good company

Trusted by engineers around the world.

Millions of lines reviewed

CodeLingo monitors every line of code across thousands of repositories.

Over 50,000 issues found

From security and performance to maintainability and readability, CodeLingo has caught tens of thousands of code issues before they became serious problems.

Thousands of issues fixed

Our automatic pull requests have been accepted by teams using CodeLingo world-wide, fixing thousands of issues.

“CodeLingo helps our eng team to propose best coding practices, debate them, and then codify them into a living, breathing bot that makes all our pull requests better. It's turned into a fun challenge for the engineers and a massive time saver for the company.”

—Marc Campbell, Replicated HQ
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