Stay Ahead of Fast-Moving Code Bases

CodeLingo learns your coding rules to auto identify issues, teach best practices and refactor code; keeping you nimble on a fast-moving code base.
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Left unchecked, every code base drifts towards disorder

Why are we fixing the same issues over and over?

Why do issues keep sneaking into deploys?

Why can't we ship changes as fast as we used to?

Don't be blind to what you're building on top of

Today's good code becomes tomorrow's bad code as shifting circumstances (new goals, team, specs etc) demand ongoing revision.

Safeguard your code base with best practice rules — automatically and continuously.

Thousands of Issues Auto-Fixed

Hundreds of automated pull requests have been accepted by teams using CodeLingo fixing thousands of issues.

Tens of Thousands of Issues Found

From security and performance to maintainability and readability, CodeLingo has caught tens of thousands of code issues before they became serious problems.

Millions of Lines Reviewed

CodeLingo monitors every line of code in thousands of repositories.

CodeLingo rules encode patterns that identify issues, teach best practice and refactor code — automatically and continuously.

Automatic refactoring with human-like insight keeps your team nimble on a fast growing code base.

Let us code up your best practice rules for you

CodeLingo rules are easier to write and more powerful than linters. Choose from our Rule Library, write your own or have us write them for you.

We will continue to learn from analysing your repo and past issues to suggest rules that ensure those issues are never repeated.

Keep complete control of the process with CodeLingo's dashboard.


We scan your code base and suggest Rules


Issues are automatically identified and refactors proposed


You accept refactors to your code base for the next deploy

3 Steps to Beat Bad Code

Discover Your rules

Find Issues Before They're Problems

Correct as Fast as You Create

Build your starting RuleSet from industry standards in our Rule library, writing your own best practices with our Rule Playground and/or having us write up the rules we suggest you need.

Detect Rule violations in existing code bases and any new pull requests.

Teach best practices through automated pull request reviews and generated contributor documentation.

Automatically correct your existing code and new pull requests to ensure every line of code is inline with your rules.

Get back to creating great solutions with confidence.

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