Code + Note = Developer Super Powers 🤩
CodeNote is a new approach to working with a codebase, based on how developers actually work.  Get on the same page with the code, and the devs who are writing it.
We’re in beta, but we’re close!

CodeNote your thinking...

Get everything in one place — chat and work in the context of your code.

Integrate your repo, conversations & team

With an organic, conversation-based process CodeNote’s workflow gets everything in one place. For example...
  • Select a code block in your IDE
  • Link to the code, e.g. from SlackChat about the problem in CodeNotes, with the code and conversation literally on the same page
  • Assign the work
  • Edit / Approve / Apply the patch
  • Build a living history of your dev work

Process-driven development

  • Collaborate effectively by combining the code, and the conversations.
  • Issues are flagged in context, in the codebase. Meaning you’re not double-handling problems in bug-tracking or task-management software.
  • Tutorials live in the context of the relevant code. Have a question? Ask right there, in situ, with the code right alongside.
  • Reviews happen in-flow during development, not at the end during the pull-request.

Ain’t nobody got 
time for docs!

“I love spending my time writing documentation” said no developer, ever.

Nutting through a hard problem? Navigating spaghetti code? Need input from other devs on the code? CodeNotes helps you think through the code, keep track of your work, hand over work, unblock others and get unblocked.

With CodeNotes  you collate and organise those conversations. As your team works, they create a living history of what happened, who did it, and why.  This value is embedded into the codebase. And this value that stays with your organisation — even after the individual developers move on.

CodeNote has been a huge time-saver and is really helping our team build great software quickly.

It's helping our team to easily share ideas and discuss approaches, without the overhead of having to make those changes to our codebase directly. Our team is able to have meaningful discussions about code asynchronously, which has hugely helped us approach problems in the right way. 

This has helped us to share knowledge, reduce bugs, and reduce rework, both asynchronously, and even when we are working in the same timezone.

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